AutGO-Part I: published in 2018

AutGO-Part II: under review


University of Kansas (Invited Talk). Dr. Talebizadeh delivered a presentation on the AutGO initiative at the 2018 Autism Across the Life Span Conference, organized by the University of Kansas.

University of Pennsylvania (Invited Talk). Dr. Talebizadeh delivered a presentation about her autism research projects, including the AutGO initiative at the University of Pennsylvania.

ABCT Special Topic Symposium (National Conference). Dr. Talebizadeh delivered a presentation on the AutGO initiative, as part of a translational symposium on engaging patients in the research process at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Conference.


The workshop stimulated interest about the value of such initiatives and ignited the following opportunities:

Parent Survey. Mr. Seth Bittker, a parent representative, made a connection with Autism Simons Foundation (i.e., he was invited to serve as a SPARK parent representative) and Interactive Autism Network (IAN) after presenting at the workshop. As a result of this networking, he was able to conduct a parent survey study using IAN network and publish his work:

  • Bittker, S. S., & Bell, K. R. (2018). Acetaminophen, antibiotics, ear infection, breastfeeding, vitamin D drops, and autism: an epidemiological study. PubMed Link
  • Bittker, S. S., & Bell, K. R. (2020). Postnatal Acetaminophen and Potential Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder among Males. PubMed Link

Clinical Decision Support Tool. Dr. Olivia Veatch, a member of the AutGO team, developed a patient-centered project and received funding for it, from NIH (K01 LM012870-01: Efficient Translation of Genetics Research for Clinical Decision Support).

ACMG-NBSTRN. In 2019, Dr. Talebizadeh was invited to serve as a member on the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG)-Newborn Screening Translational Research Network (NBSTRN) steering committee, in recognition of her dual expertise (i.e., genetics and patient health outcomes).

BioNexus KC-bulletin. BioNexus KC, a regional organization, published a report about the AutGO initiative in their online quarterly bulletin. Link

BioNexus KC-C2C program. BioNexus KC hosts a series of events called Collaborate 2 Cure (C2C), aiming to stimulate collaboration across our region around select topics. The next area of focus for the program series is autism. BioNexus KC has invited Dr. Talebizadeh to chair monthly C2C seminar series entitled: “Autism: community partnership and translational research”. They would like to adopt a similar theme and format, as what was used for the AutGO workshop, for the series. The inaugural session is expected to be convened in mid-June 2020 (pending COVID update). Stay tuned for more details on the session agendas and speakers.