Patient Stories

In this section a number of our patient/parent representatives share their personal stories and why they are interested in genetic information. Some stories have more details to help us grasp the level of health complexity that some patients are dealing with, a long journey they have gone through to find an answer, and how they expect genetic information to help them with better managing health outcomes.
Please note that our Engagement project is not focused on any specific disease. We would be happy to add more patient stories, please feel free to send us your story!

Patient Story 1: Seth Bittker
Patient story 2: Kristen Worden
Patient Story 3: DeeJo Miller
Patient Story 4: Sheryl Chadwick
Patient story 5: Mary Anne Hammond
Patient story 6: Kelly Ranallo

The following videos provide more information on Precision Medicine Initiative and patient stories.

Personal Genomics: Use of personal genomics in predictive and precision medicine  (length: 54 min)

Personalized Medicine: What Patients Have to Say to Industry (length: 27 min)


The White House Hosts a Precision Medicine Initiative Summit  (length: 42 min)