Project Updates

Update-PCORI (EAIN-2419)-Meeting #1 Presentation (A3) --- February 18, 2016

Re: Communication with the Study Participants (# A3)

Topic: : PCORI (EAIN-2419)-Meeting #1 Presentation

1) Meeting #1: Based on some members’ comments/feedback, we decided to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (attached) for this meeting. Please review and email your comments, questions to the PI by 02/24/16.

2) Short biographies of participants: Brief biographies for participants have been drafted, including their backgrounds and contribution to this project (attached). Please review and let us know if any edits/ corrections for your part are needed.

3) Memorandum of agreement (MOA): Please review and let us know by 02/24/16 if you have any questions.

Update-PCORI Engagement Project (EAIN-2419) # A2 --- January 20, 2016

Re: Communication with the Study Participants (# A2)

Topic: Update on PCORI Engagement Project (EAIN-2419)    

1) Project-evaluation survey: Thanks to those of you who have already completed the 1st Project Evaluation survey (20 out of 25 members). A friendly reminder to those who have not yet completed the survey, please do so at your earliest convenience!  

2) New CAB members: We are in the process of recruiting new members. So far, seven candidates accepted our invitation. Welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you.  

3) Meeting #1: Based on some members’ comments/feedback and after consulting with PCORI we decided to modify Meeting #1 agenda and timetable to make sure all members, particularly the newly recruited, are familiar with the project objectives and their roles. Stay tuned!  

4) Short biography of members: In preparation for Meeting #1, we plan to distribute a brief one paragraph biography to introduce each member, including their background and how they may contribute to this Engagement project. We will draft it for each member and send it for his/her review and approval. Stay tuned!  

5) Project website: These updates and the revised Meeting #1 agenda will be posted soon on the project website ( under “Updates” tab.

Update-PCORI Engagement Project (EAIN-2419) #A1 -- January 8, 2016

Re: Communication with the Study Participants (# A1)

Topic: Update on PCORI Engagement Project (EAIN-2419)    

1) IRB protocol: It has been submitted.

2) Project-evaluation survey: We will send you the 1st project evaluation survey next week.

3) Meeting #1: We will have our meeting # 1 as an online presentation posted on the project website and/or emailed to you by 1/15/2016.  

4) Project website: We developed a website for our project, which will be completed during the course of the study with the Study Participants’ input.

Study Participants’ Task: Please visit the website ( at your convenience to: (1) have an overview of the project & (2) provide us with your suggestions/comments, if any, about the website.